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Behrana refers to a satsang which is held in the name of Juhelal. It is usually performed on chetichand or at the beginning of any good deed, such as purchase of a new home, office, or welcoming of a new family member. It may also mark the beginning of a wedding ceremony. The Behrana saheb is a nicely decorated bronze thaal in which the idol of Jhulelal is placed and a Kunri (an earthen vessel), full of water and covered with red cloth, is kept. Wheat flour is kneaded and given a shape of a cone, and is decorated with vermillion, cardamom, almonds, cashews and cloves. On top of it, a large piece of refined suger (Misri Jo Sangh) is placed. This cone is surrounded with fresh flowers, fruits, scented dhoop and agarbattis, and five lighted diyas which transform the whole atmosphere into a divine experience.
Jhulelal Devotees, place what is known as “akho”- rice and sugar in the bherana sahib. They then cover their head with red cloth and carry the Behrana sahib on their head while dancing and singing panjras (bhajans). Commonly known as “CHEJ,” the Devotees dance with “dohnka” (Dandiya- Wooden Sticks). The bherana saheb is submerged in the ocean or lake as an offering to Jhulelal. Following the behrana, Tayhiri (black chana and sweet rice) is distributed among the devotees. Pandit Bhagirath, performs all the rituals of the Behrana. He sings Panjras with harmonium and tabla so the crowd feels enchanted and enjoys the chej!